Welcome To Omni Chemical Industries
It is a leading manufacturer of Automotive Chemicals and Cleaning products in UAE and Saudi Arabia.

About Omni

OMNI CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES is a leading manufacturer of Automotive and Cleaning chemicals with Corporate office Dammam, Saudi Arabia with associate office in Dubai UAE. As a result of several years of research and development, we have succeeded in the manufacturing of a range of products with advanced technologies to suit the environment prevailing in the Middle East.

We are engaged in manufacturing and trading of

1. Engine Coolants
2. Automotive cleaning and accessory products - Car wash Shampoo, Radiator Descaler
3. Concrete mold release chemicals
4. Corrosion Inhibitor
5. Degreaser
6. Rig Wash
7. Household Detergent Cleaners

Latest news

  • 03 Sep2015
    Excellent heat transfer properties for the widest range of temperature due to relatively higher boiling point and considerable depression of freezing point. A relatively higher alkaline reserve to ensure longer life. Most effective protection against corrosion, fouling and scaling.Read more...